Heber attends event with junior supporters


Within the birthday club programming, Avai held a match between professional athletes and junior partners. This is the third consecutive year that the club has such an event and comes calling attention of the kids that came and twists the club. Participated in all 91 children, and the game took place on Saturday, August 30, in the surf.

“I really enjoyed being able to participate in the event. It is very pleasing that contact with children. They motivate us to increasingly seek the best for the club. It is important to bring the kids club, they will be fans Avai in the future, “Heber said shortly after the event.

The team of professional athletes was the field: Aleks; Arlan, Cassio, Neris and Eltinho; Marquinhos, Elivelton and Bumblebee; Heber, and Jean Wilker. The final score of the fellowship was in 4-1 for the young avaianos partners. Cassio was the one who made ​​the goal of professional athletes.

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